Senate Republicans "Burned" Cardinal Dolan to Pass Gay Marriage in New York


Dean Skelos (and/or other Republican leaders, since the Cardinal did not name Skelos) apparently promised the leader of the Catholic Church in America that gay marriage wouldn't pass--right before they put it up for a vote and passed it with the help of four turncoat Republicans. This is consistent with what we've seen over and over again: political leaders have no problem lying to bishops in order to keep the Catholic Church from gearing up for a fight.

Surprise surprise, politicians about to betray marriage have no problem lying to boot:

Cardinal Dolan has revealed for the first time that New York’s gay marriage vote caught the Catholic Church flat-footed — insisting it was “burned” by Senate Republicans who claimed the legislation didn’t have a prayer.

“We got burned last year when we were told the redefinition of marriage didn’t have much of a chance — and of course it did,” Dolan told the Daily News as he prepared for Monday’s annual Albany lobbying trip.

“Our Senate leaders, we highly appreciated them being with us all along,” he explained. “When they kind of assured us it didn’t have much of a chance — not that we let up, but we probably would have been much more vigorous and even more physically present if we knew there was a chance.” -- New York Daily News