New Meme: Gay Marriage Has Lost Because Gay Activists Used the Wrong Arguments


We're seeing an interesting new meme emerge: that same-sex marriage has failed to win when voted upon by the people because gay marriage activists used the wrong arguments.

We saw it earlier in the L.A. Times story noting that gay marriage activists have chosen to significantly revise their messaging in recent years after their Prop 8 loss.

And now Beth Hawkins, writing in the Minnesota Post about the upcoming Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, says: "By now, same-sex marriage advocates know what doesn’t work and opponents know what does."

Does she mean we are to conclude that Americans have voted down gay marriage time and time again simply because it wasn't presented to them in the right way?

Why not go with the more obvious conclusion: voters keep voting down gay marriage because they know gay marriage is not marriage, no matter how cleverly you package or message it?

That's why NOM's message hasn't changed, because as our President Brian Brown told the L.A. Times: "You don't need sophisticated talking points to present a common-sense truth."