Iowa Politics Blog: "Northwest Iowans Leading Pushback on Gay Marriage Ruling"


Sioux City Journal's Politically Speaking blog:

"... some conservative groups on Tuesday will again try to prod Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, to bring a possible marriage constitutional amendment to the floor before adjournment in 2012.

Since the Iowa Supreme Court in April 2009 overturned a state law and made gay marriage legal in Iowa, many Iowans have been pushing for the Legislature to take the step of putting a traditional marriage state constitutional amendment before voters. Such a measure would have to be approved in two general assemblies, and that didn't get done in 2009-10, and likely won't advance in 2011-12 either.

Gronstal has repeatedly said he is OK with same-sex marriage reality, that he's not interested in putting "discrimination" into the state constitution via amendment.

Therefore, Bob Vander Plaats, of Sioux City, who leads The Family Leader group, and Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage, will speak at a marriage rally Tuesday morning at the state capitol rotunda. Vander Plaats wants people to again relay the "Let Us Vote" message to lawmakers. Red t-shirts with the logo will be in vogue among the people on hand.

Vander Plaats and other Republicans see defeating Gronstal in his re-election attempt in November 2012 as one way to remove an impediment to the constitutional amendment being aired by state legislators."

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