Marriage Vote Tomorrow! Send Your Message Today!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Tomorrow the New Hampshire legislature will vote on a bill to repeal same-sex marriage.

Have your representatives heard from you this week?

Our opponents know what is at stake, and they're pulling out all the stops. New Hampshire is poised to be the first state legislature to repeal same-sex marriage. We have a chance to make history!

Two years ago, out-of-state gay millionaires flooded the state with money to buy same-sex marriage. Then the people of New Hampshire spoke, taking back their state and electing a pro-marriage majority to the state legislature.

It's time to speak once again!

Tomorrow morning, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on HB 437, the bill to repeal same-sex marriage. It is CRITICAL that your representatives hear from you this week.

Take Action now

Here's what I need you to do:


  1. Click here to look up the phone number for your representative. Same-sex marriage activists have been phone banking and your representatives need to hear from their own constituents. Let your representatives know that you stand for marriage, and that you sent them to Concord for a purpose—to take back New Hampshire from out-of-state money and special interests. Phone calls are especially critical in these final days before the vote. (Please call the district office number to reach your state representatives.)
  2. Click here to send an email to your representatives today! Many offices are keeping track of the emails they receive for and against the bill—make sure your legislators know where you stand today!
  3. Come to Concord tomorrow morning! Cornerstone Action is organizing a pro-marriage rally tomorrow at 8AM. Click here for directions.

It's crunch time! Please step up and do whatever you can for marriage today!

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