UK MP: Gay Marriage Law Means There Could be Two Queens on the Throne?


The UK Sun's associate political editor David Wooding reports:

Britain could end up with two Queens on the throne if gay marriage becomes law, an MP warned last night.

Tory Peter Bone claimed the new legislation would throw the monarchy into crisis.

He said it would mean a lesbian Queen having a Queen consort or a gay King having a King consort.

Mr Bone has demanded an emergency summit of Commonwealth leaders to discuss the planned changes.

He said: "They seem to be rushing this through without thinking of the broader implications."

...Mr Bone believes this would make it impossible for the monarch to continue as supreme governor of the Church of England.

And a gay monarch who conceived a child either by sperm donor or surrogate would raise wider questions, he warns.

The donor would have a right to a peerage and could gain regal rights.