Bishop Harry Jackson: Maryland Marriage Alliance a "Melting Pot of Diversity"


Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. in TownHall:

For the last several weeks, I have been discussing the current battle over the definition of marriage with friends and parishioners. I have been amazed by a new collaboration between former political rivals in all of our urban, minority communities. The largely white religious right is literally becoming a melting pot of diversity as far as this marriage issue is concerned. Huge numbers of blacks and Hispanics of faith are starting to feel that there is a “not so subtle” media attack on the nation’s most fundamental institutions. They realize that many movies and TV sitcoms have gone out of their way to express support of “so called” gay rights.

...There is a huge amendment campaign going on in Maryland right now – to develop their version of proposition 8. As I have already stated the national media campaign is now coming to roost in Maryland. Liberal talking heads project that blacks like me should identify with gay people because they are fighting the same battle for Civil Rights that we did. The overwhelming majority of black Americans find this argument both offensive and ridiculous.

... The five states that will pursue constitutional amendments, defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman, will likely influence the fate of the institution of marriage nationally. [...] I also pray that you will support the cause with your dollars and volunteer service.