Thanks, Pro-SSM Activist, For Convincing Someone to Dump Starbucks!


Yesterday, Fox News Nation re-posted part of our press release announcing our campaign --and we're grateful!-- but I want to focus on a revealing exchange that took place in the comments. One pro-SSM activist posted this:

currenti: How many people who were regular customers are actually going to boycott Starbucks based on a website created by a certified hate group?

But someone quickly responded:

I_Vote: I cannot believe you actually said it out loud -- people who believe in traditional marriage are certified "haters."  I'm a Starbucks customer, but since reading your comment I think NOM deserves a visit from me.

For the record, NOM is not a "certified hate group".

But we appreciate "currenti" for pointing out how much is at stake in this fight -- lovers of free speech and fair discourse are welcome to join us, too!