Slovenia Votes No on Same-Sex Marriage, Overturning Law Adopted by Parliament


The Turtle Bay and Beyond blog (covering international law, policy and institutions):

Yesterday, Slovenia held a post-legislative referendum on the new Family Code that was adopted in the Slovenian parliament in June 2011.

In a popular vote, 55% of voters rejected the new Family Code and 45% supported the law. Turnout was 30% on a sunny Sunday.

The people of Slovenia expressed their belief that motherhood and fatherhood are both unique and represent a fundamental value; for the good of a child,” said Aleš Primc, head of the Civil Initiative that proposed the referendum.

...This was a first referendum of this kind in an EU member state and is likely to become an important point of reference for any further legislation in this area in the region of Central Europe.

... On 3 February 2012 the Civil Initiative delivered well over 40,000 verified signatures, needed to hold a referendum on the new Family Code to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

Following the rejection of the new Family Code at this referendum, this legislation is now scrapped and Slovenia will go back to the drawing board, with a recently established new Slovenian government, and a clear message from the Slovenian people.

Let the people vote!