Update: Storobin Leads by 1 in NY Special Election Recount


This election is coming right down to the wire, as PolitickerNY reports:

The latest turn in the special election to replace Carl Kruger in the State Senate has given the Republican candidate, David Storobin, a gigantic lead of one vote over his Democratic opponent Lew Fidler, multiple tipsters toldThe Politicker.

...And, with all of the invalid absentee and provisional ballots finished being reviewed and contested today, Mr. Storobin’s lead has hopped up to that single point.

These tiny shifts in the margin are relatively inconsequential, however, due to the hundreds of contested absentee and provisional ballots that were simply set aside when one of the two campaigns objected to them. These votes will now remain uncounted for three days to allow time for a court order should one of the campaigns seek legal action, so Mr. Storobin’s tiny lead could hold through the weekend.

If there’s no court order, the contested ballots will then be tallied up at the Board of Elections. And then, if the margin either of the candidates is leading by is less than 0.5%of the 20,000 total votes cast (around 110 in this election), there will be an automatic hand recount of every ballot.