Dump Starbucks Pledge Signer Says Starbucks "Pushing the Gay Agenda"


The Seacoast Online interviews one of the good people who signed our Dump Starbucks pledge:

"...For Mary Saunders of Rochester, who signed and sent one of the campaign's form protest letters to the Portsmouth Herald, the threat of the so-called gay agenda is greater than the threat posed by same-sex marriage alone.

Saunders said she found the letter online, though she couldn't recall the Web site. It states: "Starbucks Corporation has begun a public campaign to rewrite our marriage laws and to recognize same-sex marriage."

It states she will no longer buy at Starbucks and implores others to "dump" the habit.

The Web site offered additional information outlining the potential impact of Starbucks' policy, said Saunders.

... Starbucks' support of same-sex marriage is "pushing the gay agenda," she said."