ABC Local News: 200+ Volunteers Train to Collect Signatures for Marriage Amendment


WJLA ABC 7 reports on the impressive grassroots organizing already taking place in Maryland on behalf of protecting marriage:

"...The Catholic Conference and the Maryland Family Alliance are leading the effort to get the 56,000 signatures needed to take same sex marriage to a ballot referendum.

For the first time since the civil rights movement, Jacqueline Stewart is becoming an activist—but this is a different cause.

"I believe the majority of citizens in Maryland believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman,” Stewart, an Accokeek, Md. resident said.

Stewart is one of more than 200 volunteers trained in the last week in the protocol for collecting signatures as part of the effort to bring Maryland’s new same sex marriage law to a ballot referendum. Opponents need 56,000 signatures, but the goal is 150,000.

... “We put a training out within hours and all the sudden we had multiple people show up. We had almost 50 people show up to a training almost instantaneously,” said Derek McCoy of the Maryland Family Alliance."

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