Pastor Wooden and His Upper Room Church Stand Up for Marriage at Meridith College in North Carolina


Media elites seem to imagine NOM is responsible for the wedge between blacks and gays on the issue of gay marriage.

But the reality on the ground in North Carolina and so many other places is that black church leaders are bravely standing up for what they think is right. It is insulting for the elite media to imply they are NOM puppets, just like it would be arrogant for anyone at NOM to imagine we are responsible for this show of support.

We are grateful to people like Pastor Patrick Wooden for their courage and leadership:

"The Amendment One debate at Meredith College Monday night began as “nonpartisan,” but it did not end that way.

The panel discussion quickly devolved into heated arguments about religion, family — and race.

... The front of the room, reserved for students, was mostly white, young and female. They cheered for Eichner’s arguments about the amendment denying benefits for domestic partnerships and the personal appeal by Caroline Mann, a lesbian psychology professor at Meredith College.

...the rest of the first floor was dominated by members of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ — mostly black and middle-aged — and vocally opposed to same-sex unions.

Patrick Wooden, the pastor at Upper Room, was a panelist at the event who had members of his congregation present in support.

But their views reflect a larger demographic of the state: black, Democratic and opposing same-sex marriage.

... [Panelists] referencing past laws against interracial marriage, [hoped] to frame the issue in a civil rights light.

But Wooden’s reply, redirecting the argument back to religion, showed the stronger influence for many black voters in the state. -- The Daily Tarheel