The UK's Rapid Mobilization for Marriage


Across the pond in Great Britain, elite efforts to redefine marriage have run into a major stumbling block: the British people.

At this writing, over 365,000 UK citizens have signed a petition telling the government "Don't play politics with marriage!"

How did this happen?

It's the same old story we've seen happen again and again.

First, a few courageous private individuals decided to take a stand for marriage, even if they had to do it alone. They managed to convince a few of their close friends to join them. They went public and did everything they could to get the word out. Then the churches added their critical moral authority and, once that critical mass was achieved --activism leaders and faith leaders-- everyday people began to join the pro-marriage cause now that it had been made "safe" for them to associate with because the first group of activists had proven that fighting for marriage would not be a lonely, losing cause.

And then it just grew and grew and grew from its own inertia.

At a certain point, others British citizens frustrated by the way they see their national politics and moral values decaying realized that marriage is the perfect issue to take a stand on for these reasons as well and began to join the cause -- one massive coalition united by a shared sense of urgency that marriage is worth saving and that the truth is worth defending by saying so in public.

Those standing up for marriage here in America should take inspiration from what a small, passionate group of individuals have managed to accomplish already in England in so short a time.