Maggie talks SSM to Australia!


In part one of an interview with the Australian Conservative, Maggie responds to the equality argument for same-sex marriage:

If you ask gay rights advocates this question they will say “separate is not equal.” In other words the practical benefits are not the real issue – the real issue is the moral symbolism. The heart of the argument for gay marriage is “There is no difference between same-sex and opposite-sex relationships, and if you see a difference, there is something wrong with you – you are like a bigot who opposes interracial marriage.” That’s why this is ultimately not about what people do in private, but about the public expression of a powerful new norm that will be backed up by the power of the state.
Equality is the state religion. If equality demands we accept that there is no difference between same-sex and opposite sex relationships, then people who cannot accept that, who do not believe it is true, will become second-class citizens – tolerated perhaps, but only in a marginalised and stigmatised way.
We are already seeing the engine of state power being used to exclude traditional religious believers, especially from posts of cultural power – in the U.S. for example, graduate schools are now kicking out counselling students who say they cannot help gay couples maintain their relationships. They are willing to refer politely such couples to others – but that’s not good enough. “Discriminators” cannot be marriage counsellors. In England, courts are beginning to rule that Christians cannot foster or adopt children – because they might be gay and that might be bad for them. (Never mind the abundance of evidence that religion is in fact good for children).
The gay rights movement believe that “sexual minorities” are the new minorities, that gay is like black and people, culture and government should respond to any distinctions or objection in exactly the same way we respond to racism. That’s the model. They say it because they believe. Believe them!

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