Iowa Judges Bus Tour in Winterset


The Iowa Judges Bus Tour got off to a great start yesterday, with whistle stops in Des Moines, Winterset, Atlantic, Red Oak, Shenandoah, and Council Bluffs. Rep. Steve King and Chuck Hurley of the Iowa Family Policy Council joined NOM President Brian Brown in speaking at yesterday’s stops. Below are a few pictures from the Winterset stop. Get all the latest tour info at

As Rep. King told the crowd in Winterset – John Wayne’s birthplace – “John Wayne would want you to vote NO . . . The court’s decision is so bad that it there are many reasons in it for getting rid of [the judges]. . . . This is a radical decision.  A bad decision.  They believe they can find even rights that are "unrecognized now."

“Honorary Iowan” Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas gave the judges a quick lesson in the separation of powers: “If someone feels called to be a legislator, then run to be a legislator.  You are not to legislate from the is not your job.  They said in their decision that they are above the law. . . . The check Iowa has is the retention election and let your neighbors know to get out and vote ‘no, no, no.’”

And NOM President Brian Brown pushed back against those who have argued that it is wrong to use the retention vote to hold judges accountable: “God bless you for coming out today.  We need to vote for officials that will protect marriage.  We have to be active and don't accept any other advice.”


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