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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Gay marriage activists are on the attack like never before. And it's getting personal.

They are targeting NOM and have pulled out the race card in a desperate attempt to shut us down in this critical election year. Why?

Because they know that our coalition is strong and growing, and NOM has become the single biggest obstacle in their campaign to force same-sex marriage on every American state, county and municipality.

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The latest barrage came Tuesday from the Gray Lady herself, when The New York Times editorial board charged NOM with employing a "poisonous political approach" based on "racially and ethnically divisive strategies" to block same-sex marriage.

It's laughable.

As if NOM would presume to tell Black and Hispanic pastors what God says about marriage.

NOM didn't create this issue. The African American and Hispanic communities have always opposed same-sex marriage. It is the gay marriage activists and Democratic party elites who have forced the issue, ignoring the voices of Black and Hispanic voters.

I just spoke with two of my heroes in the fight to defend marriage, Rev. Sen. Ruben Diaz and Bishop Harry Jackson. They are outraged by these latest attacks, and Senator Diaz has already posted a powerful response on his official senate website.

NOM has marched arm-in-arm with countless African American and Hispanic pastors, community leaders and grassroots supporters. They know us. They know our hearts. There is no way the other side can divide us.

If anything, this unprecedented attack has encouraged our Hispanic and African American colleagues to do even more on behalf of marriage.

My friend, we are building an unprecedented coalition of marriage supporters across all racial, ethnic, political and religious lines.

Blacks, whites and Hispanics...Republicans, Democrats and Independents...Catholics and Protestants, Mormons, Jews and atheists...All standing together for the good of marriage!

I promise you this: Marriage is the cause that unites people of all faiths, races and political backgrounds. And nothing The New York Times or anyone else can say will stop us from coming together to defend marriage against these strategically timed attacks designed to distract us from the critical work we need to be doing this year.

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Thank you and God bless you.

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