Watchdog Group: Sen. Saland's Fundraising Overwhelmingly From Non-Constituents


This group is pushing a change to election finance laws but in the process uncovered what we suspected, that Sen. Saland is far more popular with pro-SSM millionaires living in New York City and Hollywood than with his own constituents:

On Wednesday, residents and community leaders from Community Voices Heard (CVH) in Poughkeepsie gathered outside the Dutchess County Office Building on Market St to demand that their elected officials that represent them in Albany pass a Fair Elections system during this year's legislative session.

... 2 of every 3 dollars Senator Saland received since 2005 came from donors that live outside his district, and a whopping 96% of his contributions came in as checks over $200. This looks like his contributors are mainly big money contributors that don't even live here. We look forward to working with Senator Saland to address the shortcomings of the state election law that currently prevent New Yorkers without those sorts of big money connections from effectively participating," said Sheila Blanding, a CVH member and Poughkeepsie resident.