Video: Rhode Island Public School Paints Over Student Mural of "Offensive" Traditional Family


Via NBC 10 Breaking News:

WARWICK, R.I. -- ...Elizabeth Bierenday, a junior at Pilgrim High School in Warwick, was asked to create a mural for the school.She sketched a mural that showed the growth of a boy into adulthood. The last image showed a man with a woman and child and wedding rings over their heads.

Bierenday showed the school's assistant principal the sketches, which were approved.

Bierenday said she started to paint the mural last week, when an assistant principal came to her with a problem.

Some people at the school felt the mural didn't accurately represent many students at Pilgrim and school officials decided to paint over the right side.

Warwick Superintendent Peter Horoschak said he just found out about the issue on Thursday and sided with Bierenday saying she should be allowed to paint her original design.

NBC 10 spoke with a few parents and they agreed with the superintendent.

On Friday, Bierenday spoke with John DePetro on WPRO-AM about the mural and said she was told that her original design may be offensive or a religious symbol.

A final decision about the mural is scheduled to be made after the weekend.

Here is the video report: