Reader Defends NOM Against HRC Attacks in Maine Newspaper


Margaret Yates responds to an article published in Maine's Sun Journal:

In the Sun Journal on March 28, the Human Rights Campaign assailed the strategies of the National Organization for Marriage, insinuating, among other things, that it was playing racial politics, "dividing gays and blacks."

This is a media play on 3-year-old, in-house documents recently released by the Maine courts describing a number of NOM projects for 2009 and 2010.

This is 2012. Many blacks and Hispanics, Republicans and Democrats, are still unified in defending basic principles affirming a most fundamental institution: marriage. Animus against gays is not the object. Redefining marriage is the issue, and yes, it is "socially radical."

... Social science affirms that the optimal model for raising children suggests "mother" and "father" relationships to form gender identity and reduce problems, particularly during adolescent development.

Identify the real issues and explain the positions. Avoid the accusations of "racial politics," bigotry and discrimination. There are voters who need information in order to make an important choice in November.