Is There Really A Conservative Case for Gay Marriage? England Expresses Doubts...


Conservatives are expressing increasing doubts about the wisdom electorally of David Cameron's plan to make pushing gay marriage a priority:

Ann Widdecombe has said that she did not campaign for David Cameron “all day, every day in the last general election” so that he could destroy traditional marriage.

The former Cabinet Minister warned that the Government is “determined to press ahead with the removal of the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ in its wholly superfluous introduction of gay marriage”.

And she accused the Government of shrugging off a pro-marriage petition, the largest this Parliament, which has already gathered more than 420,000 signatures.

She also urged more people to make their views known to the Government, saying: “It will listen only when it approves of the response and if it doesn’t then its citizens can shut up and stop pestering.

“Well don’t shut up, go to and sign up.” -- The Christian Institute