A Special Message from Bishop Harry Jackson


United for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

For three years, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage, fighting to protect marriage in Maryland and in our nation's capital.

Together—for the first time in Maryland—we have built a true rainbow coalition of Blacks, Latinos and whites, Republicans and Democrats, Catholics, evangelicals, Mormons and Jews, all working together to protect and preserve marriage. It's a new phase in the battle for marriage—and critical as we head toward a referendum this fall.

The National Organization for Marriage has done so much to protect marriage, not only in Maryland, but in similar battles all across the country.

It's no wonder groups like the Human Rights Campaign and The New York Times are trying to tear our coalition apart.

My answer? Not a chance!

The ugly insinuations and outright lies I have seen over the past two weeks are nothing short of reprehensible. They're trying to create the impression that NOM is exploiting racial division—using Blacks and Hispanics to further its political agenda.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Same-sex marriage isn't about civil rights. It's about our civil responsibilities. As Americans and as people of faith, we have a duty to stand up, engage, and speak the truth about marriage. And when we all stand in unity, no one can stop us.

Same-sex marriage supporters have it all backward. It is the Democratic Party elites and gay marriage leaders that are pushing an agenda of division.

In the weeks following California's vote on Proposition 8, I witnessed some of the most vile and disgusting attacks on African-Americans that I have seen in the past 20 years. Why? Because gay marriage activists thought they owned the black vote—but 70% of African-Americans voted in favor of Prop 8. So gay marriage supporters engaged in a campaign to silence, bully and intimidate Black voters.

NOM is doing a new work in the battle for marriage. They are building a national grassroots coalition. They are supporting state groups like ours in Maryland working to preserve marriage at the state level.

And now NOM is fighting back with a campaign to build our coalition even stronger. A donor has offered to match every gift up to $200,000. And every dollar of that gift will help to identify new leaders, organizers and grassroots activists who can stand up and speak the truth about marriage.

NOM is standing for marriage, and to make our voices heard. I hope you will join me in standing with NOM today.


Bishop Harry Jackson
High Impact Leadership Coalition

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