Please...we cannot give up...together we can and we will win!


United for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

NOM is fighting with everything we have to give voice to what societies throughout history have believed: that marriage is between a man and a woman because children need a mother and a father.

But we need your help today! Today is our last chance to take advantage of this matching grant opportunity.

Will you make one URGENT gift to help protect marriage before midnight tonight?

NOM stands for that belief—your belief—in today's public and political discourse, when it is under extreme pressure from same-sex marriage extremists' relentless attacks, aimed at imposing their radical agenda on the entire country and silencing opposition at any cost.

The attacks against NOM and our right to speak for your belief in marriage moved a generous donor to offer to match each and every dollar we could raise before midnight tomorrow, up to $200,000.

We must stand up to these pernicious attacks and send a message: Americans of every race, creed and political affiliation stand together—United for Marriage!

Please make one, generous, emergency donation today to help NOM stand up to these extremist bullies!

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My friend, 2012 may well go down as the most important year ever in the fight to defend marriage. Look at what we're facing: a presidential election, a Congress up for grabs, federal litigation headed to the US Supreme Court, and fights to defend or promote marriage in a dozen states—five of which will be having state-wide votes on marriage!

We need the funds to engage on all of these fronts...because when I say that 2012 may be the most important ever for marriage—I mean it in a positive way. We have battles on so many fronts...but each of those fights is an opportunity to win another major victory for marriage!

We cannot back down or shy away from these fights!

Thanks to faithful Americans all over the country, we've raised almost $50,000! But we have a ways to go to reach our goal. Right now, we have an incredible opportunity to secure the funds we need to make sure MARRIAGE WINS in this critical election year!

My friend, will you help us close this final gap?

***Can you make a gift right now to NOM to ensure we have the resources we need to stand up for what you and I know is the truth about marriage?***

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Thank you so much for standing up for marriage!

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