Chinese Blog Covers the "Storm in an LGBT Coffee Cup"


Beijing Shots, which covers Chinese news from a liberal perspective, mentions NOM's Mandarin-language campaign:

The NOM is a faith-based organization calling for marriage to be solely between a man and a woman. The organization started a campaign called “Dump Starbucks” to protest the company’s support of a bill that legalized same-sex marriage in Washington State, where Starbucks first started.

...NOM wants a referendum to overturn the bill, which will take effect on June 7, and called for supporters to sign a pledge saying they supported the anti-Starbucks campaign. The pledge states that signatories are “deeply offended by the corporate position to support same-sex marriage” which is against “moral views of half of US customers and the majority of international customers.”

Brian Brown, NOM president, announced on April 10 Dump Starbucks will expand “into Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, and Bahasa,” and online ads will run in areas including Beijing, Hong Kong and Yunnan Province.

The petition’s English version states: “In many areas of the world where Starbucks does business, the concept of ‘gay marriage’ is unheard of and deeply offensive to cultural, moral and religious values.”