NOM Video Response to Election Returns


As you know by now, Tuesday’s election results were truly historic – with dramatic victories for marriage that could shape the legislative landscape at the state level for years to come. 

Our successes on Tuesday will undoubtedly translate into many more victories for marriage, as the coalition of social conservative groups continues to grow stronger, better funded, and better organized. The Iowa effort was just one example of these growing relationships, where NOM was able to partner with a number of both state and national groups. I was honored to stand alongside Tony Perkins, Connie Mackey, and Tom McClusky last week as we toured the state on the FRC Action bus tour – raising the profile of the effort to oust the judges. Iowa for Freedom, the American Family Association, the Campaign for Working Families, and the Iowa Family Policy Council all stepped up to make this unprecedented effort a spectacular success!

And that’s just one example of what is taking place all across the country. Our congratulations to FRC Action and the Susan B. Anthony List for their many victories on behalf of pro-marriage, pro-family and pro-life candidates throughout the United States. Thanks to these new and growing partnerships, we now have veto-proof pro-marriage majorities in both chambers of the New Hampshire Legislature. We defeated not one, but three Iowa Supreme Court justices who forced same-sex marriage on the voters of that state. We have GOP majorities in both chambers in Minnesota – dashing Democrats’ plans to push a gay marriage bill through next year. And so much more, in states all across the nation. The media is just now beginning to realize what a dramatic shift we saw on Tuesday – extending far beyond the federal results that have grabbed all the headlines.

Please take a moment to watch this video that explains the positive, long-lasting effect these amazing victories will have for marriage:


Watch NOM’s Video Reaction to Election Results.

 But this is just the beginning. State legislatures will begin reconvening in January, and we have much work to do. We threw everything we had (nearly $2.5 million!) into races across the country, and need your help to build on these amazing successes. Already, we’ve raised nearly $300,000 toward our matching challenge grant of $1 million. Help us raise the remaining $700,000 before the end of the year with your gift today!

 With your help, we’ll enter next year’s legislative sessions ready to make a difference, mobilizing grassroots activists to encourage these new legislators and hold them accountable on marriage.
My thanks to the thousands of you who are already standing with us, supporting us with prayers, phone calls, and financial support. These victories on Tuesday were YOUR victories! Let’s celebrate together, even as we continue preparing for the next battles.