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Politico: SBA, NOM Press RNC Chairmen on Social Issues

The story at Politico on an innovative effort lead by SBA list to ask leading candidates for the RNC their opinion on life.  SBA also invited NOM to ask  the RNC candidates questions on marriage.

Breaking News: Iowa Lawyers Seek To Invalidate Judicial Retention Election Results

After the people passed Prop 8 in California, lawyers went to the California state supreme court to argue the court did NOT have to respect the election results, the people had no right to amend their own constitution. Now,  lawyers are asking the Iowa Supreme Court to invalidate the results of the election in which three judges lost their seats-- on the grounds the state constitution requires a "separate ballot."   When will they accept a fair and free vote of the people as valid?

Of course if the election to retain these three judges was not valid--then these three judges did not gain majority approval, as required by the law, to retain their seats and the seats would be vacant until a new election was held.  And isn't there a fourth judge whose judicial retention election in the past would also be invalidated and so would forced to face a new election right now?  Maybe not such a bad idea after all!

NY Senate Rejects Lame-Duck Push for SSM

The New York Times is reporting that outgoing Gov. David Paterson's last-minute push for a gay marriage bill in the lame duck has been rejected:

"But even the most ardent supporters of the bill, which was resoundingly rejected by the State Senate last December, said the measure would meet the same fate if it were brought to the floor now, and the governor, apparently reaching the same conclusion, has abandoned the idea."

The bill lost 38-24 in the Senate last time around.  Republicans appear likely to take over control of the Senate in the new session.

Newsweek Profiles NOM President Brian Brown

Newsweek sat down with Brian Brown following NOM’s electoral successes earlier this month, declaring NOM’s president “the nation’s fiercest crusader against gay marriage.” For a bastion of old media liberalism not known for its kindness to conservatives, Newsweek manages a mostly accurate portrayal of the facts:  Brown has been a dynamic, successful leader for NOM that has racked up a series of electoral victories, frustrating opponents with his impressive string of successes.

Newsweek author Eve Conant is brutally honest in detailing the threats made against Brown and his family for their unyielding stand to defend marriage: "One riled caller threatened to hang him from a tree ‘and burn you while your children watch’; someone else sent an e-mail offering to ‘donate’ a pipe bomb to his office."

Conant continues:

The majority [of Brown’s hate mail correspondents], however, simply vent frustration at Brown, who has emerged as the nation’s fiercest crusader against gay marriage. A big reason for their frustration is that Brown is succeeding. . . . Though both sides like to claim they're winning in this fight, the jury is out. . . . But in the 31 states where gay marriage has been put to a vote, it’s lost every time."

Read the entire article here.

Gay Marriage Advocates Lost Big in Last Week's Elections

Jeff Johnston ( breaks down the devastating effects that last week's elections had on the lobbying power of pro-homosexual groups. 

Read it here: LGBT-Identified Groups and the 2010 Election.

Why Iowa Voters Fired 3 Judges

A reporter from West Branch, Iowa used the West Branch Times website to ask voters why they voted for or against three Iowa Supreme Court Justices last week.  His summary of the reasons the majority voted "no" include these responses:

I believe judges should realize the people are watching. They should rule based on the Constitution, not based on their personal bias of what is socially acceptable today. When the judiciary feels totally unaccountable, it is easier for them to wander from the Constitution and develop an attitude that their duty is to shape society.

Gay marriage is wrong. Marriage should be between a man and a woman only. Studies show that this is the best environment for children. There are bad parents, but this is a minority.

The reporter also has his own theories, which he freely expounds, but thanks for letting at least some Iowans express their views.

Election Watch2010: SF Pro-SSM Kamala Harris Trails Steve Cooley for CA AG.

Steve Cooley’s lead in the California AG race expanded to 43,000 votes on Tuesday as counties continue to report final results. The San Francisco Chronicle explains how a Cooley victory over pro-ssm Kamala Harris could impact the Prop 8 litigation.

Exit Poll: Americans Oppose SSM 54% to 40%

Americans oppose same-sex marriage 54% to 40%, according to CNN’s exit poll of 17,504 voters this past Tuesday.

NOM Video Response to Election Returns

As you know by now, Tuesday’s election results were truly historic – with dramatic victories for marriage that could shape the legislative landscape at the state level for years to come. 

Our successes on Tuesday will undoubtedly translate into many more victories for marriage, as the coalition of social conservative groups continues to grow stronger, better funded, and better organized. The Iowa effort was just one example of these growing relationships, where NOM was able to partner with a number of both state and national groups. I was honored to stand alongside Tony Perkins, Connie Mackey, and Tom McClusky last week as we toured the state on the FRC Action bus tour – raising the profile of the effort to oust the judges. Iowa for Freedom, the American Family Association, the Campaign for Working Families, and the Iowa Family Policy Council all stepped up to make this unprecedented effort a spectacular success!

And that’s just one example of what is taking place all across the country. Our congratulations to FRC Action and the Susan B. Anthony List for their many victories on behalf of pro-marriage, pro-family and pro-life candidates throughout the United States. Thanks to these new and growing partnerships, we now have veto-proof pro-marriage majorities in both chambers of the New Hampshire Legislature. We defeated not one, but three Iowa Supreme Court justices who forced same-sex marriage on the voters of that state. We have GOP majorities in both chambers in Minnesota – dashing Democrats’ plans to push a gay marriage bill through next year. And so much more, in states all across the nation. The media is just now beginning to realize what a dramatic shift we saw on Tuesday – extending far beyond the federal results that have grabbed all the headlines.

Please take a moment to watch this video that explains the positive, long-lasting effect these amazing victories will have for marriage:


Watch NOM’s Video Reaction to Election Results.

 But this is just the beginning. State legislatures will begin reconvening in January, and we have much work to do. We threw everything we had (nearly $2.5 million!) into races across the country, and need your help to build on these amazing successes. Already, we’ve raised nearly $300,000 toward our matching challenge grant of $1 million. Help us raise the remaining $700,000 before the end of the year with your gift today!

 With your help, we’ll enter next year’s legislative sessions ready to make a difference, mobilizing grassroots activists to encourage these new legislators and hold them accountable on marriage.
My thanks to the thousands of you who are already standing with us, supporting us with prayers, phone calls, and financial support. These victories on Tuesday were YOUR victories! Let’s celebrate together, even as we continue preparing for the next battles.

Victory! NOM Achieves Stunning and Historic Wins for Marriage

All I can say is:  Amazing.  Last night NOM helped win stunning and unprecedented victories for marriage. And we know it was because of your support.

As you have heard by now, for the first time in the entire history of judicial retention elections in Iowa, the Supreme Court justices were defeated.  And not just one, but ALL THREE judges up for retention who forced same-sex marriage on the state were resoundingly defeated by roughly 54 percent.  Amazing.

As I said last week speaking next to Congressman Steve King in sunny Des Moines, a victory in Iowa will send shockwaves through the political establishment. The people have spoken and they will not tolerate judges imposing same-sex marriage on the voters.  Period.
And now those shockwaves are beginning to be felt.  I'm getting calls from reporters around the country shocked that the people of Iowa stood up against activist judges.

NOM was pleased to partner with Iowa for Freedom, the Iowa Family Policy Council, the Campaign for Working Families, and Citizenlink in this historic victory.  As we have done in state after state, NOM was the largest single donor to the effort, giving roughly $600,000 to the effort.  God bless all of our supporters for allowing us to achieve this historic victory.

What you may not have heard are the other historic victories you have allowed us to achieve.  We also ran issue ads, mailings, automated calls, and text messages in key state legislative races throughout the country, spending nearly $2.5 million nationwide. We were involved in scores of races across the country, most importantly in Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Maine. I can't get into all of the races in this short time but I want you to know this one fact: roughly 80 percent of the pro-traditional marriage candidates we supported won their races.  80 percent.

What does this mean?  In New Hampshire, we flipped the state legislature. And not only flipped it, but it now looks like we have veto proof majorities in both legislative houses.  Though Governor John Lynch was able to keep his governorship, we will now fight for a vote on a constitutional amendment and a repeal of same-sex marriage in New Hampshire.  And we look forward to the legislature overriding any veto that John Lynch might attempt.

In Iowa, the House is now in Republican hands and the governor supports allowing Iowa a vote on a constitutional amendment protecting marriage.  We will fight for a vote in Iowa and I am confident that we will win.

In Minnesota, the Governor's race is almost surely going to a recount.  Our efforts highlighting Mark Dayton's support of same-sex marriage played a big role here.  But in another historic victory Republicans have taken both houses of the Minnesota legislature.  Same-sex marriage will not pass this legislature.  And we are now positioned to get a vote on a constitutional amendment protecting marriage.  This is huge.

In Maine, same-sex marriage will not be forced on the people under this new legislature..  The legislature is now strongly in pro-marriage hands, and Paul LePage, a great supporter of traditional marriage has won the Governorship.  Amazing.

I could go on, and I will give you more updates.  Right now I'm rushing between interviews and trying to make clear to the reporters I'm speaking with what we all know, but the professional prognosticators want to deny: marriage played a major role in the elections this year and won big.

While there were some setbacks--Andy Pugno's loss for California assembly and John Lynch's victory--I can honestly say that I believe this election is a turning point in the fight for marriage.  We now have the ability to roll back same-sex marriage in Iowa and New Hampshire and pass a constitutional amendment in Minnesota.

I know that we have a great team here, and have been focused and strategic in winning the fight for marriage.  But what I really know is that all we do is because of you.  Your prayers, tireless work, and generous donations keep us going, and it is an honor to stand side by side with you in the fight to protect marriage.  Amazing!


Iowa Update: Iowans Narrowly Rejecting Pro-SSM Supreme Court Justices

With 54% of the vote in, Iowans are voting to oust three state supreme court justices who forced same-sex marriage on the state, 53% to 47%. Details here.

Pro-Marriage Majorities in NH!

Even if Gov. Lynch wins the NH governor’s race tonight, we have helped flip the state house in NH – Huge victory! Looks like it may be veto-proof.

Maggie on Drew Mariana Show: Get Out and Vote!

Maggie’s message on the Drew Mariana Show yesterday? Get out and vote!

Listen here.

Wisconsin Bishops Urge Support for Marriage, Life

On this election day, Bishop David Ricken’s (Green Bay, WI) commentary seems an appropriate way to start the day, as he reinforces the guidance issued by the Wisconsin Bishops, urging Catholics (and others!) to vote pro-life and pro-marriage:

The day for the mid-term elections is fast approaching and we are once again faced with the opportunity to make our country a better place by engaging in the process of choosing leaders for government positions…

“First and foremost (of the four themes) the right to life of every human person — from conception to natural death — is the primary and thus most essential of all human rights. Faith teaches and human reason confirms that human life is not a privilege bestowed on us by others, but rather a right that society must recognize and protect. As Christians we are called to witness to an authentic ‘human ecology’ which safeguards all human life — no matter how frail or impaired — from being manipulated or destroyed.”

Another theme concerns marriage. “The nature of marriage between a man and a woman is established by the Creator as the foundation of the family, which in turn becomes the first and vital cell of society. ... Due to its service to life, including the procreation and necessary formation of new citizens, marriage is a social — not just a sacred — good that government needs to recognize, encourage and protect.”

Read the whole column here.

IBD Commentary: Americans finding consensus on key issues

Writing in Investor’s Business Daily, Jason Jones highlights a new book from Carl Anderson, head of the Knights of Columbus. The book, “Beyond a House Divided,” is due in bookstores tomorrow and contains new polling data that pulls back the veil on the media-reinforced misconception that Americans are divided on so-called “social issues,” like gay marriage and abortion:

“Here's a well-kept secret: Americans are in overwhelming agreement on social issues. Here's a not-so-well-kept secret. Many in the media and politics have absolutely no idea.
We are told that in America today, partisanship has never been so bad, that it threatens our nation's unity. At the same time, we've been told we should keep our faith, our values and our morality to ourselves, and that our public spaces, traditions and celebrations must remain devoid of God and Christianity.
Now there's proof that the truth is actually quite different. That proof is in the form of a new book being released on Nov. 2 by Doubleday. In "Beyond a House Divided: The Moral Consensus Ignored by Washington, Wall Street and the Media," the leader of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, shows how recent polling conclusively reveals that the culture wars are being won by those with traditional values.
Those of us who believe in God, have successful marriages, oppose abortions in most instances, want less government than more, think the government and media are part of the problem, and are supportive of religion in the public square are not a minority.”

Read the rest of the article here.