CNA: Boycott Highlights Starbucks' Radical Stance on Marriage


We missed this article by the Catholic News Agency/EWTN News on our campaign but wanted to give them a shout-out still!

Supporters of authentic marriage between a man and woman are being urged to “Dump Starbucks,” over the corporation's push to give the institution a radically different meaning.

“People of faith need to take a stand and say: 'Enough is enough. We're not going to have our money used against our values,' ” National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown told EWTN News on March 23.

His organization is spearheading the growing “Dump Starbucks” boycott campaign, a response to Starbucks' declaration of support for same-sex “marriage” legislation in Washington state.

... Brown also accused Starbucks of “lying to its shareholders and customers” in different parts of the world.

“On the Middle Eastern website, Starbucks Corporation says it takes no political stance. This is a political stance.”

“And the reason it does that, is because it knows that in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, and all these areas, same-sex 'marriage' is overwhelmingly opposed. Therefore, it's telling its customers and shareholders one thing, and doing something entirely different.”

The National Organization for Marriage has never before called for a corporate boycott. It is doing so now, Brown said, because of Starbucks' decision to antagonize many of its employees and customers.