NOM's Christopher Plante, When Asked If Washington Will Approve Gay Marriage: "No."


Jerry Cornfield of the Washington State Herald notes that "voters have repeatedly opposed gay marriage in other states" before interviewing NOM's Christopher Plante, who is helping oversee the Referendum 74 Campaign to repeal gay marriage there:

"You asked if Washington will be the first to buck the trend. Our answer to that is clearly no," said Christopher Plante, deputy campaign manager for Preserve Marriage Washington, which is gathering signatures for Referendum 74. "Every time people have had a chance to vote on marriage, they've stood for defining it as between a man and a woman."

... "When you ask the question properly, people say enough is enough, don't mess with marriage," said Plante, who is a NOM employee on loan to Preserve Marriage Washington for the duration of the campaign.

... "We have our work cut out for us," he said. "We're confident people of Washington will understand by election time that R-74 is about the definition of marriage."

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