My Unpublished New York Times Letter-to-the-Editor


I recently submitted a letter to the editor to the New York Times in response to Bill Keller's recent article where he tried to claim that voting for gay marriage and betraying their constituents on marriage hasn't harmed pro-SSM Republicans.

Since the New York Times decided to pass on my response, I'll publish it here:

Supporting gay marriage and betraying your constituents has no consequences? Dream on. The voters of New York clearly think differently.

Some recent history: Dede Scozzafava’s votes for gay marriage helped torpedo her short-lived career as a Congressional candidate in upstate New York in 2009. David Weprin squandered a 3-1 Democrat registration advantage last September because the Orthodox Jews in his district so strongly opposed his vote redefining marriage. And right now in the special election to replace disgraced pro gay marriage Senator Carl Kruger, the political newcomer David Storobin is a handful of votes ahead of the pro gay marriage Democrat Lew Fidler, once again in a heavily democratic district!

No wonder the four GOP Senators who flip-flopped on marriage have desperately been amassing campaign war chests in an effort to temper the wrath of the voters -- gay marriage is an issue losing elections for Democrats. And no amount of ink spilt in Manhattan (or checks flown in from Hollywood) will save politicians who chose to betray their constituents back home on an issue as important as marriage.