Sen Diaz: Adriano Espaillat's SSM Support Offensive to Religious Leaders


New York City and State's Notebook blog:

State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. says that Congressional candidate Adriano Espaillat is “slapping [religious leaders] in the face” with his full-throated support for same-sex marriage.

In one of his “What You Should Know” missives to the press, Diaz Sr. cites Espaillat’s recent speech at a meeting of the Stonewall Democratic Club, in which he promised to fight to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act at a national level if elected to Congress.

“Apparently now that Adriano Espaillat is running for a Congressional seat which covers a great part of the Bronx, he still thinks that the Christian and Catholic pastors and ministers are unimportant,” Diaz Sr. writes. “Once again, Adriano Espaillat is slapping us in the face by enthusiastically supporting gay marriage – now for the whole nation. He is clearly telling all of us, once again, to take a hike because he doesn’t need our vote.”