Newsweek Profiles NOM President Brian Brown


Newsweek sat down with Brian Brown following NOM’s electoral successes earlier this month, declaring NOM’s president “the nation’s fiercest crusader against gay marriage.” For a bastion of old media liberalism not known for its kindness to conservatives, Newsweek manages a mostly accurate portrayal of the facts:  Brown has been a dynamic, successful leader for NOM that has racked up a series of electoral victories, frustrating opponents with his impressive string of successes.

Newsweek author Eve Conant is brutally honest in detailing the threats made against Brown and his family for their unyielding stand to defend marriage: "One riled caller threatened to hang him from a tree ‘and burn you while your children watch’; someone else sent an e-mail offering to ‘donate’ a pipe bomb to his office."

Conant continues:

The majority [of Brown’s hate mail correspondents], however, simply vent frustration at Brown, who has emerged as the nation’s fiercest crusader against gay marriage. A big reason for their frustration is that Brown is succeeding. . . . Though both sides like to claim they're winning in this fight, the jury is out. . . . But in the 31 states where gay marriage has been put to a vote, it’s lost every time."

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