NC Marriage Battle: What Does it Look Like From the Other Side?


In the gay paper The Advocate, those who are running the campaign against North Carolina's marriage amendment are expressing frustration and disappointment that so many "big players" have declined to play in North Carolina:

...Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for the anti-Amendment One coalition, said he maintained hope that the DNC and other large organizations would offer help to defeat the antigay initiative in the final days.

"I am disappointed, because I believe a commitment of resources to North Carolina is right in line with the statements of support we have heard from the President and Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” he said. “Especially in the state that will hold the Democratic Nation Convention, I believe it is all the more important for the DNC to be fully invested in a win in North Carolina - which means a fully funded campaign.”

Many leading LGBT political donors active in other state campaigns, including the Gill Action Fund, also appear to have declined to make contributions in North Carolina.

... Freedom to Marry, which has been instrumental in several marriage equality battles over the past year, previously decided not to invest in the North Carolina effort as part of its $3-million Win More States Fund, which focuses instead on states such as Minnesota, Washington, and Maine.