The Bully Pulpit?


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

By now you've probably heard about leading gay marriage activist Dan Savage's vile attack on Christian teens during his "anti-bullying" presentation at a student journalism conference in Seattle last month.

But did you know that President Obama has endorsed Dan Savage and his "It Gets Better" campaign as a core part of the official White House campaign against school bullying?

Is this what stands for "anti-bullying" inside the Obama White House?

Please take a moment right now to tell President Obama that Savage's hostility toward Christians has no place in an anti-bullying campaign.

Tolerance and respect for the basic human dignity of each person is core to what we believe at NOM. There is simply no excuse for bullying—in any arena—and the White House is right to encourage a culture of civility and respect in our nation's schools.

But when a key gay marriage spokesman verbally abuses students simply because they are Christians who believe what the Bible teaches about marriage and sexuality...President Obama has to draw a line.

What part of "anti-bullying" does Dan Savage not get?

You can see Savage's unbelievable attack here, but we warn you—this is a profanity laden attack on faith, and not for children's eyes or ears.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Savage has descended to such lows—including grotesque efforts to infect presidential candidate Gary Bauer with the flu in 2000, and more recently targeting Sen. Rick Santorum and Pastor Rick Warren with verbal abuse and vulgar intimidation tactics.

Dan Savage is one of the leading pro-gay marriage activists in the nation. He regularly appears on national television shows to advocate his peculiar ideas about marriage, including repudiating the idea that marriages should be faithful and monogamous. Though he likes to shroud himself in "anti-bullying" language, Savage is himself a notorious bully, as the video shows. Savage has even said that the media should stop giving coverage to any pro-traditonal marriage voice, likening supporters of marriage to the KKK.

It's time for Savage to go, and I hope you'll join me in calling on President Obama to make it clear that the Obama Administration does not condone Dan Savage's attack's on people of faith.

Please click here to send your message to President Obama today.

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