BP: Half of North Carolina Marriage Amendment Signs Stolen; Vandalism Reported


The Baptist Press:

Roughly half of the yard signs around North Carolina supporting a proposed constitutional marriage amendment have been stolen or damaged, according to the communications director for the group promoting the amendment.

... "We have distributed tens of thousands of yard signs across the state, and about half of them are now gone due to vandalism, destruction and unlawful removal," Lee estimated.

The blue rubber signs are attached to a metal frame and say: "On May 8th, Vote FOR the Marriage Amendment."

In some instances, Lee said, people vandalize the signs and then post pictures on Facebook or Twitter.

... Signs are just disappearing all over the state, while the other side's signs are remaining," Lee said. "It's difficult to say who is taking them. All we know is that they are being removed and destroyed."

There also have been instances of billboards being defaced. In one part of the state, someone climbed up a pro-amendment billboard and spray painted the word "against" on the billboard so that it read -- although crudely -- "Vote against the Marriage Amendment." The billboard had been paid for by a Beacon Baptist Church. In another part of the state, someone used spray paint to post the message "only God can judge" on a pro-amendment billboard.

In Hickory, N.C., the church marquee of Tabernacle Baptist Church and School was vandalized. The church had used its marquee to promote a "Marriage Sunday" for April 22. The sign said nothing about the marriage amendment, but someone spray painted "Hate Speech" on one side and "Love Not Hate" on the other.

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