Video: Kalley Yanta Argues for Monogamy in Marriage [Contra Dan Savage]


Kalley Yanta for the Minnesota Marriage Minute explains why gay and lesbian relationships are not the same as marriage relationships, and Dan Savage enters into the discussion:

"...studies of gay relationships show they are fundamentally different than the marriage relationship. Marriage is characterized by a lifelong commitment of both love and fidelity. Indeed, fidelity is universally expected in marriage, however fidelity and monogamy are fundamentally lacking in many gay relationships.

... Dan Savage, a prominent gay sex counselor, is an outspoken advocate of open relationships, not only among the gay community but among married heterosexual couples as well. He says 'monogamy is ridiculous and people aren't any good at it, we're not wired for it, we didn't evolve to be, it's unnatural, and it places a tremendous strain on our marriages and our long-term commitments to expect them to be effortlessly monogamous.' This attitude by the nation's leading media and gay advocacy voices shows how redefining marriage will impact all of society."

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