NOM's Peters: "In North Carolina, We Are Cautiously Optimistic"


NOM's Thomas Peters interviewed by about the North Carolina vote:

"We’re having a great debate about marriage in this country and it’s not at all settled about which way we’re going to go. Obviously … we believe that’s going to be settled one way,” said Thomas Peters, cultural director of the National Organization for Marriage, which supports the amendment. “In North Carolina we are … cautiously optimistic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a very good day there.”

... Peters said his organization was working on collecting signatures to get popular votes held in states where same-sex marriage was approved by lawmakers in the last year, Maryland and Washington, was campaigning for an upcoming constitutional amendment vote in Minnesota and opposing a referendum in Maine that would allow for same-sex marriage.

This is how the marriage debate ought to be settled which is by allowing the people … to vote on it,” he said."