Gallup Shows 6 Point Swing Towards Marriage Over One Year!


Not to be lost amid all the other important events happening today -- most notably the marriage vote taking place in North Carolina -- is this news from Gallup that they are finding less people in support of same-sex marriage as they did last year: only 50% (as opposed to 53% last year). Similarly, they found more people opposed to same-sex marriage: 48% (as opposed to only 45% last year).

So much for a rising tide of support for redefining marriage. Once again, that has not proved to be the case.

Here's how Gallup describes it:

This year's results underscore just how divided the nation is on this issue. As a result, President Obama's campaign strategy team obviously is continuing to grapple with how to handle it -- with the vice president on the one hand essentially endorsing legalized gay marriage, while the administration on the other hand stops just short of the same pronouncement.

Of course we need to remember that not all polls are created equal, and that 30 out of 30 states who have actually voted on marriage have voted to protect marriage.

The Alliance Defense Fund's comprehensive survey, which used different language than Gallup uses, found 62% of Americans favor 1M1W marriage.