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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm in Raleigh today, still celebrating last night's amazing victory! What a privilege to be here with the Vote for Marriage NC Team last night as the election returns came in, and it became clear that the Marriage Protection Amendment was on track for a commanding victory.

Congratulations to Tami Fitzgerald, whose leadership made last night's victory possible, to my good friend and campaign manager Frank Schubert of Mission: Public Affairs, and to the dedicated volunteers (including many of you receiving this email!) whose tireless efforts made victory a reality.

It has truly been an honor to serve on the Executive Committee and be a part of this campaign.

61% to 39%!

Just days ago, gay marriage advocates were predicting victory, and the mainstream media was only too happy to play along with their campaign of deception and misinformation. But once again—thanks to your help!—we were able to prove the pundits wrong as voters approved the Marriage Protection Amendment in a 22-point blowout.

Even while we celebrate, I'm sobered by the enormous task that remains before us. Four more states will vote on marriage this November. In Maryland and Washington, we are just days away from critical signature gathering deadlines. And our opponents always have seemingly limitless resources to pour into these state battles.

Over the past several months, NOM was able to contribute $425,000 to the North Carolina campaign. But the simple reality is that we can't match that level of financial support in four states this November.

And the stakes just got even higher with President Obama's announcement today that he publicly supports same-sex marriage.

That's why we're launching Stand for Marriage America.

Through Stand for Marriage America, you can make a single contribution, and know that it will go directly to the four state campaigns in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, and Washington State. With just a few clicks of the mouse, 25% of your gift (or any portion you allocate) will go to each of the state campaigns fighting to protect marriage this November. All you need to do is to enter the total amount you are able to contribute, and Stand for Marriage will send a check to each of the four campaigns!

Please help us launch this initiative and come out of the gate strong by making a generous donation toady! This November, Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington State each have the opportunity to share in North Carolina's success, defending marriage and sending a powerful statement to politicians and judges across the country: the American people know what marriage is—the union of one man and one woman.

Each of these state campaigns is in dire need of financial support, relying primarily on grassroots volunteer efforts while gay marriage activists pour millions of dollars into the states to fund massive phone, email, online and TV ad campaigns. In the next few days, we will need to assess our status in Maryland and Washington to be sure we have more than enough signatures to put the marriage referenda on the ballot.

That's why I'm challenging you today to make a generous gift to Stand for Marriage America. Over the next 3 days, NOM will match every dollar you contribute, up to $100,000! With your help, together we can give each of the four state campaigns an immediate, and much-needed infusion of $50,000.

Will you make a generous gift of $40, $100, or even $400 or more to
Stand for Marriage America today?

Donate now

Two weeks ago, we saw the North Carolina polls begin to slip as opponents launched their massive advertising campaign. For the first time I was worried that the amendment might not pass. But despite being outspent nearly 2-1, thanks to your help, the North Carolina campaign was able to skillfully refute the opposition's deception with well-documented truth in the campaign's final days.

A special thanks to each of you who stepped up to help make this victory possible. We are counting on you, and tens of thousands of your fellow Americans, to step up and make victory in November across the nation—Northeast, Midwest, Atlantic Coast and West Coast—a reality, too.

The bar is set high...32 out of 32 states have now voted to protect marriage, and defeat in any one of these four states will be loudly and repeatedly trumpeted in the media as evidence that the American people are changing their views on marriage.

We simply can't afford to let any one of these campaigns fail for lack of resources. And that's why I'm so excited about this latest new opportunity.

Stand for Marriage America gives YOU the power to help ensure victory in all four states this November.

If you care about marriage, I urge you to join Stand for Marriage America with a generous gift today. In the next 12-18 months, the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on the constitutionality of DOMA and California's Proposition 8.

Our opponents know how hesitant the Supreme Court will be to overturn the unanimous verdict of 35 consecutive state votes on marriage...but if we lose in any of the four states this November, it will put the marriage laws of 44 states in jeopardy.

Thank you for making last night's dramatic victory possible, and I hope you'll visit Stand for Marriage America to make a generous gift today! Remember, NOM will match every dollar raised over the next 3 days up to $100,000!

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MD - Maryland Marriage Alliance - No on 6, Brian Duggan, Treasurer.

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