SSM Will Cost Obama Re-election Bid


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The media is abuzz with the news that President Obama has publicly endorsed same-sex marriage.

Many see political calculation. The Washington Post suggests a financial connection, noting that 1 in 6 of Obama's top fundraisers are gay or lesbian.

Others are calling the announcement a profile in courageā€”a claim more convincing had it not been preceded by two years of suggestive "evolution" and three days of awkward damage control over Vice President Biden's remarks this past weekend.

President Obama's announcement just raised the stakes in the state marriage battles this November. For the next two days, NOM will match every dollar donated to the state marriage campaigns in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington, up to $100,000! Please make your gift to Stand for Marriage America right now!

After months of trying to have it both ways, the charade is over. President Obama has opposed every state marriage amendment, despite claiming to support the right of states to decide the issue. He opposes a federal constitutional amendment that would protect states' right to define marriage. And his administration is trying to dismantle state marriage laws by refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

The strategy is clear: The Obama campaign is beholden to gay marriage financiers and is counting on an energized base to carry him to victory this November. But it's an approach that is likely to backfire, alienating large parts of the constituency that carried him to victory in 2008.

  • No state in this country has ever voted for same-sex marriage, a string of 32 consecutive defeats for same-sex marriage activists.
  • Two days ago, swing state voters in North Carolina rejected same-sex marriage by a 22-point margin, with support from nearly half the state's Democratic voters.
  • The African American church has become a powerful force in the fight to protect marriage, with Black voters opposing same-sex marriage by 2-1 margins.
  • President Obama's announcement is likely to spark a divisive battle over same-sex marriage in the Democratic Party platform this summer.
  • Same-sex marriage will be a defining issue in swing states, especially states like Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Nevada where state marriage amendments are threatened by President Obama's position.

Yesterday's announcement further highlights the contrast between President Obama and Governor Romney, and we commend Governor Romney for his bold and outspoken commitment to marriage.

With high stakes come great opportunity. North Carolina voters just sent a strong message that Americans want to defend marriage. Now is our opportunity to build on that momentum.

We intend to win the marriage debate this November. I hope you'll stand with us.

In order to win marriage in November, the state campaigns in Minnesota, Maryland, Maine and Washington need your prayers and support today.

Please click here to make a generous contribution to Stand for Marriage America today! Every dollar donated will go directly to the state campaigns, and will be divided equally among them. And for the next 36 hours, NOM will match every dollar raised, doubling the impact of your gift, up to our goal of $100,000.

We have a short window to raise funds that are desperately needed by the state campaigns.

In Washington and Maryland we have just a few weeks left to collect the tens of thousands of signatures needed to ensure that voters have the chance to decide this issue. The need is urgent. I hope you will make a generous gift to Stand for Marriage America today!

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