New Religious Liberty Threat in Connecticut


The Lawlor-and-McDonald-controlled Judiciary Committee in Connecticut just passed a same-sex marriage bill -- without religious liberty protections!  For the second time in a month, Lawlor and McDonald have used their Judiciary Committee roles to attack religious liberty and people of faith in Connecticut.

Last month, they failed in their efforts to involve the state in matters of internal church governance -- but only after an historic uprising from the people of Connecticut. But now they're back at it again with a bill to enshrine last year's CT Supreme Court ruling into statute, without any substantive protections for churches, religious organizations or people of faith. In the process, they fought off amendments that would have given conscience protections to Justices of the Peace, limited teaching on homosexuality in the schools, and protected religious liberty rights of churches and religious organizations (like Catholic Charities!).

SB899 was approved by the Judiciary Committee this past Monday evening, and now goes to the full Senate, where there will be efforts to add a religious liberty amendment to the bill.  NOM has just launched a radio ad campaign in Connecticut focused on protecting our religious liberties. (

Click here to listen.

1. If you live in Connecticut, please use this link to send an email to your state senator and representative, urging them to support a religious liberty amendment to SB899.

2. Then make plans to attend the Rally for Religious Liberty in Hartford at 10:00am next Tuesday, April 7th. The rally is being sponsored by the Family Institute of Connecticut, and will meet on the North Steps of the Capitol (overlooking Bushnell Park). Help us have a great turnout on Tuesday!