Maryland Citizen: The Word "Marriage" Matters


Frank O'Keefe writes to the editors of the Baltimore Sun:

"...It is clear by now to anyone who has observed this controversy that proponents of same sex marriage are more interested in the re-definition of marriage than they are in the attainment of marital normalcy as regards the law. The law could easily have been changed nationally a long time ago to allow these rights as "civil unions" without disturbing the traditional definition of marriage. Many parties would have been satisfied by such a compromise, had not proponents denied the primary biological relationship questions by couching every argument as one of bias regarding their "civil rights." The indiscriminate hurling of bigotry charges will simply not work with this question. In fact, it does not work on the majority of thinking people.

...In the end, there is no such thing as "civil marriage" — there is simply marriage, nothing else. Trying to dichotomize marriage into civil and religious forms is nothing more than an exercise in semantics. Unless one can find a way to magically erase inherent biological differences and make them equivalent, the controversy will go on endlessly. This is precisely why this will never be settled, because the final settlement of it would require the contradiction of innate, observable reality, and that is something that rational people are simply never willing to do. There are some differences that can never be reconciled, and America must learn this lesson if civility is ever again to grace our land. The role and function of law cannot change those natural things that are self evident. It may try-but the underlying realities will remain the same.

What man do you know who has ever really been a mother? What woman do you know who has ever really been a father? As I have always said, it's about the definition. Words point to reality. How we use them is critically important. We are playing with primal fire as if it is silly putty."