Video: Glen Beck Explains Why SSM is a Loser for Obama


The Blaze:

"...On his Tuesday evening program [last week], Glenn Beck broke down the issue of same-sex marriage as it relates to the 2012 election, explaining why the president’s newfound stance on the issue may not even help him gain crucial swing states. [...] Looking back, swing states in 2008 including Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Florida and North Carolina, all opposed gay marriage by as much as 30 percentage points each.

... What’s more, Beck noted that in every state where same-sex marriage amendments have been listen on the ballot, voters have stricken down the measure each time. Often, African Americans and Hispanics are among the demographics that hold the least-favorable views on same-sex marriage. “The president’s pandering for donations might not be the home-run he thinks it is,” Beck noted. Ironically, Democratic pollster Jay Campbell noted that Romney’s stance on same-sex marriage may have even helped him solidify support with the Republican base, particularly 62 percent of Evangelicals.