Minnesotan Challenges Pro-SSM Former Priest to Dialogue About Church Teaching


Brian Brown's model --challenge the other side to a conversation--is catching on!

In the article “Former priests speak out against marriage amendment” (May 17), retired priest Father Tim Power said, “… if voters approve the constitutional amendment, that would cut off the dialogue Minnesota is just beginning to have about gays and lesbians and what kind of recognition their unions should have.”

As an ex-gay Catholic who left the “gay lifestyle” with the help of Father John Harvey’s Catholic group COURAGE, I will be happy to have such a dialogue with any of these former priests. Let’s have the dialogue you say will be denied.

... The Catholic Church teaches that marriage — like the priesthood — is a vocation. Marriage has always been for the expressed purpose of uniting two people of the opposite sex into a union of “one flesh” for the purpose of raising families.

... Let’s set up a time and place for this dialogue. I’ll be there. -- Winona Daily News