Boxing Writer Says Gay Marriage Proponents Chose Sides Too Fast Against Pacquiao


Charles Jay writing in Boxing Insider:

" is not surprising that when sparks flew over the misinterpretation of a story run by Granville Ampong in the National Conservative Examiner, where many mistakenly thought Pacquiao called for gay men to be “put to death,” Mayweather felt compelled to be the contrarian.

Still about ten days away from starting his jail sentence, he decided that piling on might contribute nicely to a winning public relations strategy. Writing on Twitter, he stated “I stand behind President Obama & support gay marriage. I’m an American citizen & I believe people should live their life the way they want.”

One might opine that his many arrests for assault and domestic violence, including the one that resulted in the guilty plea and the jail term, might constitute violations of the rights of certain individuals, bet we’re assuming that you were aware of that already.

As the Courage Campaign, a gay rights activist group that advocates, among other things, for same-sex marriage, constructed an assassination of Manny Pacquiao, with an excuse that he said things he actually did not say, gratitude in this endeavor was expressed to Mayweather: “This is also a huge step forward to make inroads among what can be a very homophobic community.. We thank Mr. Mayweather for his announcement and support for equality.”

As they were so anxious to find things they could use against Pacquiao for what he represented as his religious beliefs, they didn’t even bother to perform some simple due diligence on someone they had, all of a sudden, cuddled up to.