NOM BLOG News: Starbucks Doubles Down on Same-Sex Marriage


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This week Starbucks doubled down on their support of same-sex marriage. Starbucks Australia released a statement echoing their parent company's previous statement that same-sex marriage is core to the brand. Even more interesting is that it appears Starbucks Australia is going to take their support beyond what their corporate parent has done.

"It is with this in mind that Starbucks Australia would like to publicly announce our proud support of marriage equality for all."

While I'm not exactly sure of the intent behind this statement, the obvious implication is that Starbucks Australia supports the ability of any person to marry anyone else, with no qualifiers. Lest anyone think we are taking this statement out of context, the full statement from the Starbucks Australia Facebook page is as follows:

Core to who we are and what we value as a company is our belief in equal treatment of our partners (employees) and our customers. It is with this in mind that Starbucks Australia would like to publicly announce our proud support of Marriage Equality for all. Many of our stores and partners are actively participating in events and activities aimed at changing local legislation—together we can make a difference.

Such a broad statement is easily misunderstood and tells us that Starbucks is better equipped to sell coffee than push a controversial moral issue. While I doubt they intended to support polygamous, incestuous, or underage relationships, it certainly appears they are trying to push the line.

They should stick to their coffee.

What you can do this week:

Get on your Facebook account and go to the Starbucks Facebook page. On the right hand side, just below the main bar at the top of the page, you should see a list of your own Facebook friends that "like" Starbucks. Look at the list and send your pro-marriage friends a private message along these lines:

I was checking out Starbucks the other day and saw that they have endorsed same-sex marriage. I know you are a big supporter of the family and thought I'd send you a link to the counter-campaign that I found, I signed on because I believe in marriage, and that big corporations should stay out of controversial moral issues that have nothing to do with their business.

Feel free to personalize the message as you see fit; the key is to let people know that Starbucks has endorsed same-sex marriage and to help them figure out a way they can join with tens of thousands of other people in speaking out.

Have a great week!

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