NOM BLOG News: Jitters and Bliss Coffee respects ALL customers


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Welcome to the News!

At you can enter your city or zip code and come up with local coffee shop alternatives to Starbucks. However, most of us do not purchase every cup of coffee while we are out around town. This week we are proud to roll out Jitters and Bliss Coffee as a provider of excellent coffee that can be brewed with a clean conscience any time you want at home, at the office or at your church.

With over 160 different types of coffee they have something for every taste. Do you want to purchase free trade, organic coffee? They have 20 options. Do you like flavored coffee? Try one of the 58 different types offered by Jitters and Bliss Coffee. Are you an espresso fan? They have 14 varieties. Need a decaf to settle you down in the evening? Jitters and Bliss has 19 different types with which to relax. All this and they’ll ship you whole beans or grind them for you in one of five different styles.

During the month of July Jitters and Bliss is offering a 5% discount to every customer who enters the promotional code "marriage". A small portion of each purchase made also goes to support the National Organization for Marriage as we work to educate people and corporations on the importance of marriage to our society.

What you can do this week:

Check out Jitters and Bliss Coffee! Jitters and Bliss came to us a few weeks back and said that they respect the views of all of their customers on marriage and that they would like to work with us to provide high-quality coffee to former Starbucks customers through their online store.

Let me be clear. Jitters and Bliss has not, as a corporation, taken a position in the debate over marriage. Just like every company, they have customers, employees, and vendors who hold personal views on what marriage ought to be. They are committed to honoring those views by maintaining a neutral corporate position on marriage.

Per a couple of former Starbucks employees—they also have great coffee!

Having worked at Starbucks for 7 years and my husband having been there for 13 years, we are a little picky about our coffee. I prefer being called a coffee connoisseur as opposed to coffee snob!

I have tried 10 brands since we started DumpStarbucks, but hadn’t found a satisfactory replacement until now. I received 3 bags of coffee from Jitters & Bliss yesterday. I have tried two of the coffees so far and they are delicious. The beans are beautiful. Oily and dark. Just yummy!

Not only is their coffee good but they are more reasonably priced than all the other coffees I have tried. I am sold!

Great coffee for a fair price from a company that respects the diverse views of all of their customers on marriage. Check out Jitters & Bliss Coffee!

Don't forget to enter the promotional code "marriage" to receive 5% off your order and support marriage!

Have a great week!

The National Organization for Marriage Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, gifts to which are deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.