Newlywed Couple Who Delivered UK Marriage Petition Bombarded with Hate Mail


Remember that newlywed couple we blogged about a little while ago, the one who delivered the UK marriage petition with over 500,000 signatures? No good deed...

Rhys and Esther Curnow, from Newcastle, received scores of messages after opponents of their stance on same-sex marriage including a Labour councillor circulated their Facebook details online.

They included messages saying the couple, who are committed Christians, should “rot in hell” and wishing they would become infertile or die of cancer.

Several included explicit references to sexual acts while others suggested they should be subjected to “compulsory sterilisation”.

The couple, who married in March, became the public face of the Coalition For Marriage campaign, backed by Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, earlier this month when they handed in the group’s petition to David Cameron.

Mr Curnow, a charity researcher originally from Wales, and his wife, a primary schoolteacher from the West Midlands, dressed in wedding clothes and posed on the steps of Number 10 with a gift wrapped package containing signatures.

... A separate Facebook group was set up describing them as “homophobic”.

After receiving more than 100 direct messages the couple changed their security settings to block incoming messages other than from friends.

They have reported the matter to Northumbria Police but yesterday officers claimed that there was no evidence of a crime being committed as the messages did not contain direct threats. -- The UK Telegraph