National Organization for Marriage Announces Protest of General Mills


Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Jen Campbell (703-683-5004)

"In declaring a war on marriage, General Mills is declaring war on their own customers." —Brian Brown, President of NOM—

National Organization for Marriage

Washington, D.C.—The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today announced that they will be initiating a protest of General Mills, including a new website at, in response to General Mill's announcement that they, as a corporation, support same-sex marriage.

"In declaring a war on marriage, General Mills is declaring war on their own customers. Now, rather than seeing the flowing "G" trademark as a symbol of General Mills, consumers across the world will equate that symbol with gay marriage," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "For a company that reaps billions of dollars of sales from families with children this is a spectacularly foolish decision. It goes to show what happens when a company puts special political interest groups ahead of their business interests."

On their website, General Mills makes the commitment to respect diversity. Not just diversity of things like gender, skin color, or sexual orientation, but also respecting diverse values, preferences, and beliefs. This protest will be designed to hold General Mills accountable to that promise.

In addition to well-known General Mills products like Cheerios, Kix, and Wheaties, the boycott will also include brands that many consumers might have thought stood alone—brands like Pillsbury, Yoplait, Betty Crocker, Bisquik, Green Giant and more. A full list for interested shoppers can be viewed at:


To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, or Jonathan Baker, Director of NOM's Corporate Fairness Project, please contact Elizabeth Ray (x130), [email protected], or Jen Campbell, [email protected], at703-683-5004.