Local News: Protesters Take Aim At General Mills Over Gay Marriage Stand


Local ABC 6:

The decision by General Mills to publicly oppose a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage drew fire from a group supporting the amendment.

The "Minnesota for Marriage" group organized a protest outside the company headquarters in Golden Valley. The protest drew about 50-75 protesters, some of whom brought General Mills products like Cheerios to drop off for a food bank rather than consume them.

"They feel betrayed that a company like General Mills has spent millions, if not billions, of dollars marketing cereal to parents of children who suddenly now say marriage needs to be redefined," says Chuck Darrell of Minnesota for Marriage.

General Mills CEO Ken Powell announced the company position on the amendment on June 13. Today, company vice president Tom Forsythe had coffee and water delivered to the protesters as a gesture of goodwill. "We understand your point of view," Forsythe told the protesters.  "We acknowledge it. We respect your right to disagree with ours."

Minnesota for Marriage isn't organizing a boycott of General Mills, but the "National Organization for Marriage" is promoting one.  They've also created a new website called

Almost 10,000 of you have already signed on at -- join them right now!

And if you live in Minnesota check out the ongoing rallies this week.