AP Wrongly Claims Push to Restore Marriage in Iowa is "Flagging"


The AP tries to claim that interest in repealing SSM in Iowa is "flagging" -- just what the mainstream media wants us to believe about a heartland state ripe for restoring the true definition of marriage:

"...Iowa became the third of six states to legalize gay marriage after the state Supreme Court struck down the state ban in 2009. Since then about 4,500 gay couples have wed here.

Republicans can move to end gay marriage if they win two more seats in the state Senate this year, a goal that could be within reach. That would give them full control of the statehouse and the power to begin preparing a public referendum on the issue."

Just watch the video of our President Brian Brown addressing a rally of pro-marriage Iowans a few months ago:

They don't appear to be "flagging" to us!