Anne Sorock on the Age of Bullying Marketing


Anne Sorock of the Legal Insurrection blog pierces past the rhetoric:

"We’ve become accustomed to leftist agenda-ists using campaigns of intimidation and bullying to push their way into the public school system, museums, our churches and synagogues, and of course into the old guard media. Are consumer packaged goods the final frontier?

... Is it inclusive to introduce a highly politicized debate into a cookie’s branding, thereby opening up the opportunity to alienate a huge–if not majority–portion of your consumers? No, it is selective inclusion, a negation in terms, or as I call it, “Bully Marketing.”

As in the case of the McDonald’s happy meal toy in San Francisco, a small, relentless group of leftist activists intimidate large companies into embracing the carefully calculated leftist narrative of inclusiveness and tolerance, which really just means, promote their politics."